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Metalscatola Spa was founded in Telgate (BG) in 1948 as a family business and developed rapidly on three main production sites, becoming today one of the major European manufacturer of metal packaging (tinplate and cold rolled steel).
Constant innovation allows the company to respond very quickly to customer needs and to offer a range of products with capacities from 0.125ml to 100lt, which are used in various industrial sectors: paints, chemicals, lubricants, pharmaceuticals and food.

The strength has always been the high level of automation which, together with the process integration, gives the maximum flexibility:

Presses and lines dedicated to every single packaging diameter.

Automatic testers for the control of each single packaging

Pails and drums are awarded by the homologations and approvals that are needed for the transportation of dangerous materials (UN, RID-ADR).

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Internal lithography department (two coating machines, two printing machines with conventional inks and one 6 colour machine with UV LED inks). The quality of the print is guaranteed by control cameras and spectrophotometers integrated on the machines.


Metalscatola packaging complies with the latest sector regulations,

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