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Telgate production site

The structure consists of two buildings, connected by an underground tunnel, which allows the transfer of material from one factory to another. The offices are located here where the production cycle starts, as a matter of fact, here are based the painting and printing department, the production of semi-finished products, as well as the assembly of packaging with a capacity up to 30 lt.

Building A: Built in 1948 – Total surface 9.000 m²

Building B & C: Built in 2000 – Total surface 8.000 m²



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Cividino production site

The structure is composed of two adjoining buildings, the first dated 1972 is used for the production of large packaging (from 30 to 100 lt) which was followed by an extension of 9.000 square meters completed at the end of 2018. Here are based the storage of metal sheet, production of semi-finished products, assembly and shipment of large-capacity packaging.

Building A: Built in 1972 – Total surface 10.000 m²

Building B: Built in 2018 –  Total surface 9.000 m²



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Metalscatola Afrique

Casablanca production site

The structure consists of a latest generation building, where offices and production are based. Lithographed sheet and semi-finished products are supplied directly by the Italian head quarter, guaranteeing the quality standards that have always distinguished Metalscatola.


Built in 2018 – Total surface 7.000 m²