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Thanks to its innovative processing technologies in the fields of planning and work methods, Metalscatola is able to realize products that perfectly fit the customers’ needs, always in compliance with law parameters and the highest standards in the industry.
With an over-60-years-experience in the packaging industry, today the brand Metalscatola represents an important reality in the European scene.
Its great flexibility coming from its wide productive capacity and from the relevant resources of raw materials, makes Metalscatola a high-level partner, both from a technological and productive point of view.
The productive structure itself represents the strong point of the company. In particular, the four fully-automated lines of lithographic print and varnishing, the fully-dedicated presses and the furnaces, which are provided with modern air purifier, together with automated internal logistics and a robotic goods-handling-system, guarantee the best rapidity of response to the customers’ needs. In order to guarantee the good maintenance and realization of the internal assets, there is a modern mechanic that is able to efficiently solve any of the required adjustment of the plants.
Metalscatola is constantly updating its technological skills and production devices, which allows the company to gradually increase the quality of their products, without renouncing the best selling prices on the market.